Destination Settings

This dialog box appears if you

  • click on the Saving button in the PDF Create Assistant

  • click Query file name or the currently selected target in the shortcut menu of Windows Explorer, or

  • right-click the PDF Converter appl icon Destination Settings application icon in the Windows taskbar and select Edit Destination Settings from its shortcut menu.


The delivery default target is Query the file name. The Save As dialog box will be displayed in which you can enter a target file name. Further choices in the selection box are:

Save results in source folder

The resulting PDF file will be saved in the same folder where the source file is.

Save results in specified folder

The resulting PDF file will be saved in the folder you specified. Click the Browse button to select a folder.

Send results as E-mail attachment only

The resulting PDF file will be sent as an attachment and will not be saved.

Save to DMS

This option relates only to the Enterprise version. The resulting PDF file will be saved to an available Document Management System. The item is optional and available only if the client software of the DMS is properly installed on the client machine. For information on DMS support, refer to the System Requirements topic.



Use the Browse button to search for a destination folder. Select a folder in the Browse for Folder dialog box and click OK. The chosen folder name will be displayed in the Folder box. The Browse button is available only if Save results in specified folder is selected in the Target selection box.


If File Exists

The delivery default selection is Query the file name. The Save As dialog box will be displayed if the target file name already exists. Further choices are:

Replace existing file

The new PDF document replaces the existing file.

Auto-rename the resulting file

The new PDF file name uses the target file name followed by a sequential number.


Send as E-mail

Select this checkbox if you want to send a copy of the resulting PDF file as an E-mail attachment.


View Resulting PDF

Select this option to view the PDF file. By default it is selected.


When creating PDF files through the Print menu item, similar destination options are available in the PDF Settings panel of the ScanSoft PDF Create! properties dialog box. See Destination Controls.

Destination Settings