Embed Font Controls

Font Embedding

Nuance PDF Create lets you include fonts inside PDF documents. Font embedding slows down PDF creation and increases file size, but it ensures document layout and appearance are preserved, regardless of the fonts available on a reader’s computer. Choose a standard control:

Embed Non-Standard Fonts (default)

Embed All Fonts

Do Not Embed Fonts.

The default embeds all fonts except the most common fonts that all computers should have: typically Arial, Times New Roman, Courier and Symbol.

Click Advanced to see the settings for each standard control. To specify more precise settings for a customized control, click New, name a new control, make the desired settings and click OK.

To specify a list of fonts to be always embedded, de-select Embed All Used Fonts, select Always Embed Fonts, select the desired fonts one-by-one and use the right-facing arrow button to place them in the Always Embed Fonts panel.

To activate the arrow buttons select the checkbox next to them and select a font. Click an arrow button to change its direction. This lets you add or remove fonts from the lists.

To have all fonts embedded except fonts that you choose, select Embed All Used Fonts, then select Never Embed Fonts; add or remove fonts until the desired ones are listed and click OK.


Font files have a flag to allow or prohibit embedding. PDF Create respects this instruction.


Use Delete to delete a control. Use Default to return supplied controls to default values and remove user-defined controls.

Embed Font Controls