MRC PDF Conversion Settings

This dialog box appears whenever you click the Settings… button in the PDF Create Profiles dialog box with the MRC checkbox selected. Here you can choose an MRC image quality option. Remember that image quality and file size have an inverse relationship. The higher the compression, the smaller the file, and the less quality the image will have.


MRC Image Quality


Select one of the following options.


Minimal: Select this to achieve the smallest file size while the image quality is lower.

Good: Select this to reduce file size while keeping a good image quality.

Lossless: Select this to reduce file size as much as possible without degrading the image quality. This compression causes no loss of image data. This produces the best image quality.



MRC compression is designed for documents with mixed content – with background images or colored areas mixed with text and other content. MRC compression can be powerful, so avoid setting a high general compression level in parallel with MRC.



MRC PDF Conversion Settings