PDF Create Assistant

You can display the PDF Create Assistant panel from the Windows Start menu. It lets you create one or more PDF files from a set of input files using settings stored in profiles.


Click the PDF Converter add PDF Create Assistant Add button to browse for files, or drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer into the list area.

Click the PDF Converter delete PDF Create Assistant Delete button to remove selected files from the list. This removes the file link from the list, it does not delete the file itself.

Click the PDF Converter up PDF Create Assistant Move Up and/or PDF Converter down PDF Create Assistant Move Down arrow buttons to re-arrange the file sequence or drag-and-drop the files. Files will be placed in the PDF in the listed order.

Click the PDF Converter clear PDF Create Assistant Clear button to remove all the files from the list.

Click Supported File Types to show the list of files that can be the input for creating one or more PDF files:                                                         

PDF Converter supported file types PDF Create Assistant


Click Help to open the help system.


Click Upgrade to open the Nuance online store where you can get useful information on purchasing Nuance products with enhanced functionality.


Select an item from the PDF Converter assemble PDF Create Assistant Assemble selection box. The Options button is available for the second, third and fourth options.

  • For Combine files into one PDF document, the Combine Setting dialog box appears. Choose to have bookmarks generated or not. If chosen, the file name from each input document becomes a bookmark name.

  • For Overlay files as one PDF document, the Overlay Options dialog box appears. Select ‘Repeat the last page of the shortest document for page overlay’ to overlay the elements on all pages of a PDF. De-select this item to have the overlaid elements appear only on the first page.

  • For Package files into one PDF document, the Cover Sheet Options dialog box appears.

Select a profile from the PDF Converter profile PDF Create Assistant Profile selection box.

Click the Profiles button if you want to modify a predefined profile or create your own profile.

Click Saving to call up the Destination Settings dialog box to define where the results should be saved: into the source document folder, to a specified location, to a DMS or the results should be sent as E-mail attachment. Saving to a Document Management System (DMS) is only possible if you have a DMS installed on your computer. The current destination settings are displayed beside the Saving button. The default target is Query the file name. This means the Save As dialog box appears after PDF creation.

Select Always on Top to make the Create Assistant always appear on top of other windows.

Click the PDF Converter go PDF Create Assistant Create button to start PDF creation.

PDF Create Assistant