PDF Create Profiles

Profiles contain a set of PDF properties. The PDF Create Profiles panel serves for creating new profiles, modifying and deleting existing ones.

The PDF Create! Profiles panel appears if you

  • Click the Profiles button in the PDF Create Assistant

  • Right-click the PDF Converter appl icon PDF Create Profiles application icon in the Windows taskbar and select Edit PDF Create Profiles

  • Select a PDF shortcut menu item in Windows Explorer then click Edit.

The existing profiles will be displayed in this panel. These may include predefined profiles and those you created.


Click the New button to create your own profiles.

Click the Delete button to delete a selected profile. Deleted profiles cannot be restored.



Profiles must be used in the PDF Create Assistant. They are available when creating PDF files from Windows Explorer. They are not available when creating PDF files from Print dialog boxes – in that case settings must be made individually.




PDF Create Profiles