Print Info

This panel provides information on jobs and PDF results. It appears

  • just after a PDF creation has been started from PDF Create Assistant, or

  • if you right-click the PDF Converter appl icon Print Info application icon and select Show Job Info in its shortcut menu.

Job Queue

This contains the job number, status, type, creation time and the number of files in the job. A Tooltip shows the file name(s) included in a job.


Use its shortcut menu to

  • create PDF files

  • pause / resume PDF creation

  • delete a selected item in the job list

  • reorder the job list using the Up and Down menu items

  • clear the whole job list.

PDF Creation Result

This contains the PDF file names, file sizes, the date of modification, the file type and location.

Use its shortcut menu to

  • delete a selected item from the list or

  • clear the whole list of created PDF file names.

If you double-click a PDF file in the list, it will be displayed.

Creation Status

This informs you on the status of the creation process.


Work in Background

Click this button if you do not want the Print Info panel to be displayed.



If you closed the Print Info panel and want to re-display it, choose Show Job Info from the shortcut menu of the PDF Converter appl icon Print Info application icon in the Windows taskbar.

Print Info