Searchable PDF Conversion Settings

This dialog box appears whenever you click the Settings… button in the PDF Create Profiles dialog box with the Searchable checkbox selected.

Use these settings if you want to create Searchable PDF from image files or from Image only PDF files which are not searchable. See the list of supported file types in PDF Create Assistant.


OCR Language

OCR is needed for extracting text from images to make image files searchable. Select the language that appears in the source document.


Reject character

Unrecognizable characters are represented by a reject character (a tilde: ~ by default) . For example, if the OCR could not recognize the J in REJECT, and ~ is the reject character, the string RE~ECT would appear in your document.

Type the character you want to use in the Reject character edit box. Try to choose a character that will not appear in your documents.


Keep original image

Select this checkbox if you want the original image to be kept after conversion.



When an input file is a text file or has an accessible text layer, a normal searchable PDF is created without OCR running, so the OCR language and reject character settings are not used in those cases.





Searchable PDF Conversion Settings