Open from SharePoint

This dialog box lets you acquire files from Microsoft SharePoint from all three program components: In PDF Professional you can open PDF files, in the PDF Create Assistant you open source files that can be both non-PDF and PDF files and in PDF Converter Assistant you open a read-only copy of a PDF or XPS file.


Type in your user name and password if SharePoint prompts you to do so. Choose a site by double-clicking its icon in the left panel. You can see its top-level content in the right panel. Specify a file type in the lower selection box and select the folder containing the desired file. Click Open to see the next lower level content. Repeat this until you find the desired file. Select it and click Open.

Site icon coloring shows which sites are connected, which is active and a tick shows which is the default.

Use the Look in selection box and the buttons in the upper right corner to navigate in the folder structure and switch back or forth in the display history.

Choose Sites to display the SharePoint Sites dialog box to specify further locations. Click Add to define a new site in the Connection Settings dialog box.


There is also a Save to SharePoint dialog box that mirrors this one.


PDF Creation

For detail, see Creating PDF Files from Document Management Systems and Saving to Document Management Systems.


PDF Conversion

For detail, see Starting from a DMS, Converting PDF and XPS Files inside Document Management Systems and see Saving Converted Files.


See also DMS overview.


When opening PDF or XPS files in PDF Converter Assistant, the temporary source file is deleted after conversion because all security restrictions that might have been set for a file in DMS get lost and will not be effective in the resulting editable file. If some are needed, please consult the Office online help, for example by entering “Protecting Word files”.




Open from SharePoint