CaseMap Support

The Enterprise version of PDF Professional adds the power of PDF management to LexisNexis® CaseMap® – a complex, legal case handling system. The CaseMap toolbar and menu display only if CaseMap is detected on your system

To access CaseMap integration tools

  • Choose Tools > CaseMap and select one from the menu


  • or choose from the tools directly available in the CaseMap toolbar

    PDF Converter eng tb casemap CaseMap Support

With CaseMap tools you can:

  • Create a new fact

  • Update an existing fact

  • Create a new CaseMap object

  • Update an existing CaseMap object

  • Show linked record detail to update document information

  • Go to linked record (highlighted in CaseMap)

  • Send multiple PDF files to CaseMap via a wizard: select individual PDFs or a folder whose contents will be sent to a case already open in CaseMap.


CaseMap Support