Setting Redaction Properties

Redaction marks appear as black rectangular boxes by default. However, you can define a custom default appearance for redaction marks, or change the appearance of a selected redaction mark before you apply redactions.

To set default Redaction Tool Properties

  1. Select Document > Redaction > Redaction Tool Properties, or click the down arrow next to Mark Redaction tool in the Security toolbar and choose Redaction Tool Properties in the drop-down menu.

  2. In the Redaction Tool Properties dialog box, set the following options:

    • Mark Color: Set a background color for redacted areas. The removed text will not be visible even if you choose a light color.

    • Overlay Text. Optionally specify a Custom Text or a Redaction Code to be overlaid on a redacted area. See Using Redaction Codes.

    • If you select Repeat Overlay Text, the specified text will be placed in the redaction area repeatedly (as many times as it fits without truncation)

The appearance of the overlay text is shown in the Preview area.

  1. Click Edit … next to Font: to open the Font Editor dialog box to modify defaults for the overlay text:

    • Font: Set the font type for the overlay text characters.

    • Font Size: Set the size of the overlay text font.

    • Font Color: Set the color of the overlay text font.

    • Text Alignment: Set how the overlay text will align.

    • Auto-Size text to fit redaction region. If this option is selected, the overlay text will be automatically resized to fit to the height of the redaction area.

  1. Click OK to accept the default appearance of redaction marks. Until a redaction is applied in a document, its settings can still be modified.


Setting Redaction Properties