About the Navigation Panels

The Navigation Panel can display the following:

  • Attachments (at the bottom of the screen)

  • Bookmarks (on the left)

  • Comments (at the bottom of the screen)

  • Destinations (on the left)

  • Form Controls (on the left)

  • Layers (on the left)

  • Model Tree (on the left)

  • Pages (on the left)

  • Signatures (on the left)

  • Tags (on the left)

When you select a panel, it gives you access to a set of tools related to the current display.


To show or hide the Navigation Panel

  • Choose View > Navigation Panels > [desired panel].

  • Click the arrow beside the PDF Converter navigation About the Navigation Panels Navigation Panels button in the View Toolbar and select the desired panel.

  • Click PDF Converter button hide About the Navigation Panels  at the bottom of the vertical bar that separates the Document Panel from the Navigation Panel, to show/hide the Navigation Panel.


About the Navigation Panels