About the PDF Converter Assistant

The PDF Converter Assistant gives you control over the conversion process.


Click the Save As button  PDF Converter saveas About the PDF Converter Assistant in the File toolbar or choose Launch PDF Converter in the Tools menu to open the Assistant. It can also be opened from the Windows Start menu and many other locations.

The Converter Assistant serves for

  • opening source files (PDF/XPS) to be converted, by selection or drag-and-drop.

  • showing a preview

  • specifying the page range

  • defining the processing mode (Standard, Legal, Spreadsheet and Form)

  • specifying the processing options

  • defining the output format

  • Word, PowerPoint, WordPerfect or RTF for standard documents,

  • Word, WordPerfect or RTF for legal documents,

  • Word or RTF for forms and

  • Excel for spreadsheets

  • specifying the output options

  • starting conversion

  • viewing source and result files

The views

The Assistant always converts whole pages, but page areas can be selected in PDF Professional to be directly converted to a selected target. This lets you send, for example, just one table to Excel or the content for just one slide to PowerPoint.


About the PDF Converter Assistant