About the Program Window

The PDF Converter Professional program window contains a Document Panel in the middle, a Navigation Panel on the left side and an Organizer Panel on the right side. The Main Toolbar contains tools grouped by functionality.


PDF Converter eng overview About the Program Window



Navigation Panel: Optional area that allows you to see and interact with page thumbnails, bookmarks, comments, etc.

Document Panel: The main part of the application that shows the current PDF and allows you to edit, form-fill, annotate, etc. The Document Panel can display more than one PDF document at a time. It normally shows one page at a time, but multiple pages can be viewed and edited by choosing Document Assembly in the View menu.

Organizer Panel: Working area that allows you to work with stamps, watermarks, clipart, and to use increased security tools such as envelopes, passwords and signing/certifying.

Attachment Panel: This area allows you to manage attachments to the PDF file.

Comments Panel: This area allows you to manage comments added to the PDF file by different authors and reviewers.

View bar: This allows you rotate and change views, change pages, and zoom in or out.



About the Program Window