About the Main Toolbar

Instead of navigating through the menu-submenu structure, you can use button-type tools with direct access to the same functions. Tools are grouped into named toolbars and a set or subset of these toolbars forms the Main Toolbar, placed in the upper part of the program window.

Hover with the pointer over a tool to see its name. You can undock any toolbar to drag it into your working area. Once selected, a tool, as a rule, remains active until you select another one.

To customize toolbars

  1. Choose View > Toolbars, or right-click in the toolbar area for a shortcut menu, and customize your toolbars as follows:

    • Toggle specific toolbar names to display or hide any of them in the Main Toolbar.

    • Select Reset Toolbars to restore pre-defined settings.

    • Click Hide Toolbars to hide all toolbars.

    • Select Show Button Labels to identify all, some, or none of the buttons with their names. Toolbars throughout this entire Help system are shown without their labels.

    • Select Customize Toolbars to include or exclude specific tools within a toolbar.

  1. Click a down arrow symbol to the right of a button to open a drop-down menu. E.g., click the arrow next to the New PDF button to display a set of options for creating a PDF document.

Toolbars specific to PDF Professional:

The PDF Portfolio Window and the Document Assembly view have their own toolbars. The 3D toolbar appears whenever the current PDF page contains a 3D object. Nuance PDF toolbars appear in integrated applications. These toolbars are described in separate topics.


Toolbars with more general functionality:

  • Edit Toolbar

  • View Toolbar

  • Zoom Toolbar


PDF Converter tb edit About the Main Toolbar


  1. Undo recent actions down to a certain depth.

  2. Undo recent undo actions.




View > Navigation Panels

 View > Organizer Panels

PDF Converter tb view navigation About the Main Toolbar

PDF Converter tb view organizer About the Main Toolbar


  1. Use this to open the Navigation Panels displaying the selected item.

  2. Use this to open the Organizer Panels displaying the selected item.



PDF Converter tb zoom About the Main Toolbar


  1. Zoom in (+) on the image.

  2. Zoom out (-) on the image

  3. Zoom dynamically. Move cursor up to zoom in, down to zoom out.

  4. Use the Loupe to view an area of the page at extreme magnifications.



About the Main Toolbar