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  1. Switch to PaperPort Desktop (available only if PaperPort is installed)

  2. Create PDF files from one or more source files.

  3. Open PDF files.

  4. Save a PDF file.

  5. Scan to PDF (new, existing or with markup)

  6. Scanner setup

  7. Unlock the current PDF file targeting a selected format.

  8. Scan Inbox (receive notification when PDF files arrive from network devices)

  9. Print PDF files.

  10. E-mail PDF files.

  11. For secure delivery: apply an envelope, attachments, encryption, or signatures to PDF files.

  12. Search in one or several documents, specified folders, or do an index search.

  13. Perform a quick and simple search in the current PDF file.

  14. Collect frequently used PDF files for direct access.


File Toolbar