PDF Portfolio Toolbars and Controls

Tools on the PDF Portfolio Window toolbar


PDF Converter portfolio toolbar PDF Portfolio Toolbars and Controls[

  1. Navigate through file thumbnails

  2. Navigate in the file list

  3. Open (the first) selected file

  4. Open the Welcome (Introduction) Page

  5. Navigate within an open file

  6. Save / Save Portfolio As / Save File from Portfolio

  7. Print Current Document / Print Entire Portfolio

  8. E-mail Portfolio

  9. Fulfill complex search

  10. Options drop-down menu

To see the following toolbar, choose Edit Portfolio in the Options drop-down menu.


Tools on the Edit Portfolio panel


PDF Converter portfolio edit PDF Portfolio Toolbars and Controls

  1. Select a View

  2. Add Header and Introduction (pre-defined schemes)

  3. Choose a Color Scheme

  4. Add File Properties (more columns)

  5. Finish (Save / Save & E-mail)

See also PDF Portfolios.


PDF Portfolio Toolbars and Controls