Installation and Activation

The installer of Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7 detects earlier versions of the product and the DocuCom PDF driver. Two versions of the same product cannot co-exist on a single computer. The installer prompts for your confirmation to remove these products before installation. This product can co-exist with the Nuance PDF Reader.

  1. Insert the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive

The installation program will start automatically. If it does not, locate your CD-ROM drive in Windows Explorer and double-click the program’s autorun.exe file.

Select a language for installation. The InstallShield® Wizard will appear.

(If you have downloaded the program from the Nuance web site, double-click its autorun.exe file.)

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions

You must accept the license agreement in order to proceed.

You must enter a serial number. You will find this on the CD sleeve or on the Nuance web site or a reseller’s site, at the download location. Some resellers let you see the serial number at a later time, by returning to your purchase order. Be sure to keep the serial number in a safe place; it is fully checked only during product activation and is also needed for any re-installations.

Select a Complete or a Custom installation.

The installer offers a default location for the program. Accept it or define a different one.

You can choose to make PDF Converter Professional your default viewer for PDF files and create shortcuts to the program.

  1. Click Finish

  2. Register

Registration runs at the end of installation. Select Register Online to establish a connection to the Nuance web site. We provide an easy electronic form that can be completed in a few moments. When the form is filled, click Submit.

If you decide not to register or to be reminded later, you can go to to register online any time later. Click on Support and from the main support screen choose Product Registration.

For a statement on the use of your registration data, please see Nuance’s Privacy Policy.

  1. Activate

All Nuance desktop products use a secure and private activation process if your PC is connected to the Internet. The activation does not send or expose any user or application data – it is used to confirm that you have a valid serial number that has not been used by others. You will be invited to activate the product at the end of installation. Please ensure that web access is available. Provided your serial number is found at its storage location and has been correctly entered, no user interaction is required and no personal information is transmitted.  You will also have the option of Activating manually.

If you do not activate the product at installation time, you will be invited to do this each time you invoke the program. Your Nuance product can be launched only five times without activation.


We recommend Automatic Activation. If you choose Manual Activation, you have to activate both PDF Converter and PDF Converter Professional separately.

The user performing installation or un-installation should have Administrator rights on the computer. Administrator rights are recommended for activation and de-activation.

You will be allowed to re-install the program a reasonable number of times without having re-activation problems, because un-installation includes a de-activation step. The serial number is needed for re-installation and web access is needed for de-activation and re-activation.



Installation and Activation