Key Features

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PDF Creation: You can quickly create industry-standard PDF documents from versions 1.3 to 1.7 from PDF Converter Professional 7 and nearly any Microsoft Windows application using File > Print > ScanSoft PDF Create!, and using shortcut toolbars in applications where they are available (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint 2007) with transfer of comments, hyperlinks and more. PDF creation is also offered in Lotus Notes and Internet Explorer and (in the Enterprise version) in many Document Management Systems. XPS, PS and EPS files can be converted to PDF. When using the Create Assistant, profiles let you store and re-use creation settings efficiently; there are profiles for different print qualities, creating Searchable PDF and incorporating MRC compression.


PDF Conversion: Now you can unlock the information trapped in PDF files (up to version 1.7) and XPS files. Convert these into a wide range of editable formats (including Office 2007), complete with text, columns, tables and graphics. This includes columns that flow, graphics with editable captions and more. Customized algorithms handle legal documents, forms and convert PDF tables to spreadsheets. PDF conversion can be started from MS Office applications, IBM Lotus Notes and Mozilla Firefox. Convert documents, pages and (in PDF Converter Professional) page areas.


Listen to PDF and Save to Audio Files:  Now you can listen to your PDF using Nuance RealSpeak Text-to-Speech technology – on your Apple  iPod or MP3 player, using Windows Media Player or right inside PDF Converter Professional. Ideal for everyone – especially those on the go and those with vision challenges.


Document Assembly: You can combine Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other source files into a single PDF document; automatically create individual PDF documents from multiple files; and drag-and-drop pages from different sources to assemble a new document. You may then freely re-arrange pages; create bookmarks and/or hyperlinks; create table of contents; re-number pages; use the commands Rotate, Crop, Copy, Paste, Delete, Replace, and finally secure and publish the documents. Pages are represented by miniaturized pages, not thumbnails, so many operations remain available – such as selecting and copying objects or text blocks.


PDF packages and Portfolios: PDF packages help you group related files, maybe of differing input file types, making it easier to handle them e.g. send them by e-mail. A PDF package is a single PDF 1.7 file that contains a set of PDF files created from the input files. Portfolios extend the flexibility of packages, allowing a folder structure and the inclusion of non-PDF files. Portfolios are handled through a modern Flash-based interface.


Archive mails, attachments and other Outlook items: It is possible to archive selected Microsoft Outlook items or an entire Outlook folder with or without subfolders. Different archiving methods are available. Outlook items can be stored in separate PDF files, merged into one PDF file or transferred to a PDF package.

Edit Bookmarks and Hyperlinks: Tools are available for creating bookmark trees to logically represent a document; or drag the bookmark tree across files to create a document archive.


Add Revisions, Annotations and more: The program offers a wide variety of revision tools available on the Comments panel. You can print documents with their comments. Movies and sounds can be embedded or attached.


Secure Documents: Documents can be secured using passwords, encryption up to 256-bit, digital signatures and certificates, and by setting permitted actions.


Instantly Create PDF Forms: With the FormTyper™ feature, you can easily turn any static PDF form into a fillable PDF form.  FormTyper detects form fields, check boxes etc., and overlays standard PDF form elements to the original PDF. You can also add form elements manually, or move, resize and delete existing form elements. In addition, PDF Professional can open forms using the XFA specification.


Search and compare PDF Documents: You can create indexes across gigabytes of PDF documents. This Unicode based index engine allows searching of both the file contents and predefined custom document properties fields. Compare two PDF documents, or a PDF with a Word document.


Edit Page Contents: You can insert and manipulate clipart. You can edit text on document pages using the Text Touchup tool.


Digitally Sign PDF Documents: PDF Converter Professional uses industry-standard Public-Private Keys to allow you to add digital signatures to existing PDF documents.


Sending Documents or Pages: You can send selected pages, or a whole document to mail recipients. When working in a mail application you can select files from the local file system and have them converted to PDF and attached to the current message.


Undo – Redo: Many levels of Redo and Undo help you to correct mistakes when editing the PDF document.


Enjoy Intuitive Browsing: Use the Hand tool with the Dynamic Zoom and Loupe to reveal every detail of the page contents.


Tagged PDF: Add a logical structure to your PDF files using profiles, so paragraphs, tables and cells are detected and identified by tags.


Connect to Content Management: The Enterprise version offers built-in integration with popular document management systems that eliminates the tedious need to move between your PDF application and your file system, making it easy with File > Open from and File > Save to.   


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Key Features