Convert Area

You can define an area of interest in a page for PDF Professional to convert its content to an editable format. This lets you, for instance, select a table and send it to Excel without the rest of the page, or select just one article from a newspaper page, and convert it to a Word document. Five targets are available; the conversion mode is automatically set – a Spreadsheet conversion to Excel, a Form conversion to Word, and a Standard Document conversion to Word, WordPerfect or PowerPoint. In the latter case this gives more control than converting a whole document because you can pre-define the content to be placed in each slide.


To convert an area on a page

Use the  Select Area tool to select an area within a page. Selection cannot be expanded to include more than one page. Do one of the following:

  • choose Convert Area from the shortcut menu, or
  • choose Tools > Convert Area, or

  • on the File toolbar, click the down arrow next to the Converter tool and choose Convert Area from the drop-down menu.

In the Save As dialog box, select the type of the target file, specify a name for it, and browse to the desired location to save it. The converted section is displayed in its target application.



The converted selection is displayed in text editing applications with page setup settings corresponding to the real size of the area selected in the original PDF document.


Convert Area