Previewing Files

You can preview source files to be converted in the PDF Converter Assistant in Full View. You can use the Navigation buttons to view pages and see the characteristics of a document (whether it contains text, tables or forms, or includes image-only pages, etc);  this helps you decide which processing mode and options to choose.

To preview a file to be converted

  1. Select a file from the file list in Full View.

  2. Click the PDF Converter preview tool Previewing Files Preview tool or select Preview from the View menu.
    The first page of a selected file will appear in the Preview panel.

  3. Use the Navigation buttons to view the other pages of an input file.

  4. Optionally, specify a page range using hyphens and commas in the Pages edit box, or use the buttons beside the edit box. See examples and a description of the buttons in the Preview topic.


When you perform a one-click conversion without calling the PDF Converter Assistant, all pages are converted.



Previewing Files