Editing Documents in WordPerfect

  1. Enable Show ¶ in the View menu to make the end of paragraphs visible.

  2. Select Tools > Settings > Display > Symbols and check that symbols you want displayed on screen are enabled.

If you need to restore the original layout (e.g. if a few words appear on a new page) you can modify margin settings by dragging the appropriate margin line.

If a picture has a larger frame than it had originally, the neighboring characters may slip to the next line. In this case you can select the picture and drag its handle to reduce the frame allowing characters to fit into their original place.

If text does not fit into a text box, enlarge the text box by clicking in it and dragging its handle.


Text boxes are always used for True Page. They are avoided where possible in Flowing Column conversions, but are typically used when text rows and pictures are placed side-by-side.

Editing Documents in WordPerfect