The Form panel appears in the PDF Converter Assistant if

  • PDF Converter mode form Form Form is selected in the drop-down list of the Mode tool, or

  • Form is selected in the Options menu.


The following options can be chosen in this panel: Form Controls, Retain Hyperlinks, Processing Options and Handling Graphics.


Create Form Controls

Select this to detect form elements in a source file and reproduce these elements in Microsoft Word as fillable form fields.

Deselect this to conserve the form layout but without active form controls being generated. You can then insert active controls in Microsoft Word. Deselect this also if you want to modify the form contents before activating it.


PDF Professional tries to detect form elements (checkboxes, edit boxes and horizontal lines) in source files with image processing methods. The program will not detect circles, or other irregular shapes. Please create these in Microsoft Word. Form controls in a resulting Word file may have a different appearance from those in the source file. The program does not detect form controls already defined in the source file.


For details on all the other options available for Forms, see Standard Document.




Form conversion uses the Logical Form RecognitionTM technology designed to analyze and reproduce form elements. Form conversion lets you transform source files with form-like layout and content into editable Word documents. The OCR Settings dialog box serves for a language selection.

The processing settings are stored separately for each processing mode.

For advice on choosing the best mode for your needs, see Choosing the Processing Mode.