Starting from Lotus Notes

Starting from the Lotus Notes toolbars

  1. Choose the PDF Converter button settings Starting from Lotus Notes Settings tool in the Nuance PDF for Lotus Notes toolbar of the Lotus Notes main or message window. The Settings dialog box appears.

  2. In the PDF Converter settings panel of the Settings dialog box,

    • choose Use PDF Converter Assistant which lets you preview the attachment(s), or

    • choose Convert PDF without Assistant as for direct conversions, then choose a target application for your output file from the selection box.

    • choose Convert all attachments or Prompt for selection for messages with multiple

  1. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  2. Select a message that has one or more PDF or XPS attachments.

  3. Click the PDF Converter button conv6 Starting from Lotus Notes  button in the Nuance PDF for Lotus Notes toolbar of the Lotus Notes main or message window. (If you do not see this PDF Converter 7 button, right-click anywhere on the toolbar and select Nuance PDF for Lotus Notes).

  1. If the message has multiple attachments and you requested prompting, select which attachments to convert in the Attached files list dialog box. Click OK.

  2. Conversion starts as follows:

  • If you selected Use PDF Converter Assistant, the Assistant appears.

    Preview the attachments in the Assistant. Use a navigation button to see multiple files.

    Change settings if necessary.
    Start conversion with these settings using the PDF Converter convert all Starting from Lotus Notes Convert All button, or
    Use the PDF Converter convert selected Starting from Lotus Notes Convert selected button to group files that will use the same settings.

  • If you selected Convert PDF without Assistant as, the direct conversion starts immediately. A progress monitor is displayed along with a series of tips.

  1. The converted, editable document is displayed in a target application if requested.  


Starting from Lotus Notes