Starting from Microsoft Word (File Open)


To start PDF Converter from the Microsoft Word File Open

  1. Under Office 2007 or 2010, click the PDF Converter button ms%20office Starting from Microsoft Word (File Open) Microsoft Office button, then click Open.
    Under earlier Office versions, click Open or go to the Microsoft Word File menu and click Open

  2. Click the PDF (Portable Document Format) (*.pdf) format or XPS Files (*.xps) in the Files of type box.

  3. Select the PDF/XPS file you want to convert. Multiple selection is possible.

  4. Click Open.

  5. Conversion starts with or without the PDF Converter Assistant, as specified in the PDF Converter Settings dialog box.  

  6. If the PDF Converter Assistant is enabled, the source file can be previewed and you can change settings, and then start the conversion.

    If the PDF Converter Assistant is disabled, conversion starts immediately, using existing settings for the chosen mode. The progress monitor is displayed along with a series of tips and the preview of the page currently being converted.

  7. The converted, editable document is displayed in Microsoft Word.


You can select two or more files from a folder; each file will be converted into a separate Word document, each waiting to be saved with Save As….


Starting from Microsoft Word (File Open)