Starting from the File Menu

To start PDF Converter from the File Menu in PDF Converter Professional with direct conversion

  1. Open the PDF document to be converted in PDF Professional.

  2. Choose Save As in the File Menu for a Save As dialog box.

  3. Under Files of Type choose a non-PDF file type and a processing mode (e.g. Word Documents or Word Forms)

  4. Click Save.  Conversion uses current settings for the chosen mode. The converted document will appear in the target application.


For more control over the conversion, click the Save As button  PDF Converter saveas Starting from the File Menu in the File Toolbar and use the PDF Converter Assistant. This lets you convert multiple files, convert only selected pages, change other settings before conversion and also select mode and target combinations, such as Legal conversion mode, that are not offered in the direct conversion.


It is also possible to use the Select Area tool to define a part of a page, and then choose Convert Area from the Tools menu. The Save As dialog box offers the most popular file type-mode combinations.



Starting from the File Menu