Starting PDF Converter

To make the services of PDF Converter easy to call on, it can be started from several locations:

For an overview of all these starting points see the Quick Reference Guide. For each case it tells what is valid input, what conversion is available and which are the valid targets.


In all cases, you can cancel the conversion process by pressing Escape. If you start the program when it is already running, a second instance is started.

In all cases the Converter Assistant is available, in some cases direct conversions are also supported. See Opening Files from Integrated Programs. It also shows the target choices in each case.

Nuance PDF Converter integration in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Windows Explorer and Corel WordPerfect Office can be enabled and disabled in the Preferences dialog box of  the PDF Converter Assistant, accessible from its File menu.



Starting PDF Converter