Left View

The PDF Converter Assistant in Left View displays a title bar, a menu bar, a toolbar and a left panel where page preview, processing options and output options can be displayed and the page range can be defined.

The toolbar contains the same tools as the Quick View, i.e. the Open, Preview, Mode, Output and Convert All tools. See a detailed description of the tools in the About the Converter Assistant Toolbar topic.


The Left View appears only if the PDF Converter Assistant was started from one of the integrated programs, where the source file was already selected. Therefore, the Open tool is always grayed because this file has already been opened.

.PDF Converter eng left view Left View


The settings on the screenshot indicate that the Assistant was started from Microsoft Excel. In this case the only possible processing mode is Spreadsheet and the output format is always Microsoft Excel.

Use the PDF Converter previous page Left View PDF Converter next page Left ViewNavigation buttons to view the pages.

Use the PDF Converter in range Left View PDF Converter not in range Left View PDF Converter all pages in range Left View buttons or the Pages edit box to define a page range to be converted.

Click PDF Converter mode spreadsheet Left View to define the processing options.

Click PDF Converter output excel Left View to define the output options.

Click PDF Converter convert all Left View to start conversion.


In other cases you also have to select a processing mode:

  • Standard, Legal or Form when starting from Word

  • Standard or Legal when starting from WordPerfect.


The converted file appears in the application where the Assistant was started from (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect), or in the selected target application when the Assistant was started from Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.



Left View