Quick View

The PDF Converter Assistant in Quick View has a title bar, a menu bar and a toolbar with the Open, Preview, Mode, Output and Convert All tools. See a detailed description of these tools in the About the Converter Assistant Toolbar topic.


PDF Converter eng quick view Quick View


This view is suitable for quick conversion without changing the processing parameters.


  1. Select one or more source files.

    Use the File menu, the Open button or drag-and-drop one or more files to any part of the window.

  2. Select a processing mode.

    Use the Options menu or the Mode button.

  3. Select the target.

    Use the Options menu or the Output button.

  4. Start conversion.

    Use the Convert menu or the Convert All button.

The button are greyed as processing progresses. If View result is selected, the output file will be displayed. To see the results of processing, click the Quick View toggle in the View menu to go to Full View.



Quick View