About Archiving

You can archive mailing items like mail messages, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc. to PDF files.

Archiving is done through PDF Create, but is available only in PDF Professional.

The archiving feature is available only if  the program is integrated in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes (version 8.5). With Complete Installation, it is integrated in these applications at installation time.


You can disable or enable an integration at any time using the Custom Setup panel of the installer.


Archiving mail items

From Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes you can archive to PDF:

  • one or more selected items

  • an entire mailing folder with or without its subfolders

Folders can be standard ones (Inbox, Sent Mail, Large Mail, For Follow Up), custom or archive folders, the Calendar, Tasks or Contacts.

The following archiving methods are available

Each calendar appointment, each task or each contact is a separate item.


You can save time by moving all desired messages to a specially created user folder.


Archiving mail attachments

The mail attachments are always archived in their original format either into a separate file referenced by a hyperlink or attached to the associated PDF file generated from the mail. See Archiving Mail Attachments for details.


Defining archiving settings

You can define the archiving settings in the Settings dialog box.


About Archiving