Archiving Folders

You can archive complete folders with or without their subfolders in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes (version 8.5).

Folders can be standard ones (Inbox, Sent Items, Large Mail, For Follow Up…), custom or archive folders, the Calendar, Tasks or Contacts.


To archive mail folders

  1. In your mailing system, select a folder.

  2. Click PDF Converter button archive settings Archiving Folders to display the Settings dialog box with the Mail archiving settings panel opened.

  3. Select Archive Format and Archive Method.

  4. To archive also subfolders, select Archive subfolders.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  6. Click PDF Converter button archive folder Archiving Folders. The Browse for Folder dialog box appears. For Outlook, the program offers the Documents > PDF Favorites > Outlook Archive folder. Select a target folder for archiving, then click OK. The archiving process starts, with progress indication and (if necessary) warning messages.  

    The content of the selected folder will be saved under the target folder. The created folder structure in the file system follows the mailing system folder structure.


When archiving whole folders with a separate PDF generated for each item, the number of generated files is liable to be large. Each calendar appointment, task or contact is considered a separate item. Archiving to a single PDF or a package may be preferable. To avoid archiving unneeded files, make a temporary folder to contain just the needed files and archive that folder.


Archiving Folders