Archiving Mail Items into Separate Files

You can archive all selected items or an entire folder (with or without its subfolders) into separate PDF files that are stored in a folder you specify. The created folder structure follows the folder structure in Outlook or Lotus Notes.

The names of the PDF files are automatically generated from the subject property of each selected item. A trailing number is appended to the file name automatically, if necessary, to avoid naming conflicts.


To archive Outlook items into separate files

  1. Select one or more items.

  2. Click PDF Converter button archive settings Archiving Mail Items into Separate Files to display the Settings dialog box with the Mail archiving settings panel opened.

  3. In the Settings dialog box, choose a PDF version from the Archive Format selection box.

  4. Select Archive mails separately under Archive method.

  5. Decide how to handle mail attachments, if any.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  7. Click the PDF Converter button archive letter Archiving Mail Items into Separate Files. Archive Mail or PDF Converter button archive folder Archiving Mail Items into Separate Files Archive Folder button. In the Browse for Folder dialog box, select the target folder where the items should be saved to with the above mentioned naming method.

    The archiving process starts and when the process is finished, the files are saved in the target folder. A progress indicator is displayed; in case of problems a report PDF is placed, with the attachments added as chosen, if possible.


When archiving calendars, each appointment is a separate item, so the number of generated PDF files may be large. Similarly, each task and each contact becomes a separate PDF file.



Archiving Mail Items into Separate Files