Creating a PDF Package from Mail Items

You can archive selected mail items or an entire folder (with or without its subfolders) into a PDF Package. The version of the generated PDF file is 1.7 and includes a cover page describing the content of the file. The elements of the package are also stored in PDF files. Their PDF version depends on the selection in the Settings dialog box.


To archive Outlook or Lotus Notes items into a PDF package

  1. Select one or more items.

  2. Click PDF Converter button archive settings Creating a PDF Package from Mail Items to display the Settings dialog box with the Mail archiving settings panel opened.

  3. In the Settings dialog box, choose a PDF version from the Archive Format selection box for archiving Outlook items.

  4. Select Store mails as PDF Package under Archive Method.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  6. Click the PDF Converter button archive letter Creating a PDF Package from Mail Items. Archive Mail or PDF Converter button archive folder Creating a PDF Package from Mail Items Archive Folder button. The Save As dialog box appears.

  7. Select the target folder and enter the name for the PDF Package file. The default target folder for Outlook is My Documents > PDF Favorites > Outlook Archive. Under Vista and Windows 7: Documents > PDF Favorites > Outlook Archive.

  8. Click Save. The archiving process starts and a progress monitor is displayed.

    The generated PDF has a cover page (in PDF 1.7 format) containing the number and types of the archived mail items. Each mail item is converted into a separate PDF that is added to the package file.  


When mails are archived into a PDF package, mail attachments become PDF attachments. The As PDF Link option is not available in this case.


See Handling PDF packages for advice on sending and unpacking packages.


Creating a PDF Package from Mail Items