Merging Mail Items into one PDF

You can merge the selected items or an entire folder (with or without its subfolders) into one PDF file. To help you navigate between archived items, the PDF file contains bookmarks to each individual mail.


To archive mail items merged into one PDF file

  1. Select one or more items.

  2. Click PDF Converter button archive settings Merging Mail Items into one PDF to display the Settings dialog box with the Mail archiving settings panel opened.

  3. In the Settings dialog box, choose a PDF version from the Archive Format selection box.

  4. Select Merge mails into one PDF file under Archive method.

  5. Decide how to handle mail attachments, if any.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  7. Click the PDF Converter button archive letter Merging Mail Items into one PDF. Archive Mail or PDF Converter button archive folder Merging Mail Items into one PDF Archive Folder button. The Save As dialog box appears.

  8. Select the target folder and enter the name of the PDF file where the items will be merged. The default target folder for Outlook is My Documents > PDF Favorites > Outlook Archive. Under Vista: Documents > PDF Favorites > Outlook Archive.

  9. Click Save.

    The archiving process starts and when the process is finished, the PDF output file (with attachments, if any) is saved in the target folder.

During archiving, bookmarks are added to the PDF files to make navigation easier in the resulting PDF file. Use these bookmarks to find mails quicker. The program generates a hierarchical bookmark list, where bookmarks point to the first pages of the mails. Bookmarks are grouped by Date, Sender and Subject. Sender and Subject are in ascending alphabetical order; Date is in descending order.


To archive just future or past appointments, move the calendar to week or month view, select just the needed time period and use Archive Mail rather than Archive Folder.



Merging Mail Items into one PDF