Creating PDF files from a Scanner

Scanning support is significantly expanded in PDF Converter Professional 7. A new Scan menu and Scan button are provided, with commands to scan to a new PDF file, to add pages to an existing file at a location you define, or to create a new file with markups. If you have not explicitly run the scanner setup, the first time one of these commands is chosen, the Scanner Setup Wizard runs. Multiple scanner support is introduced, including those using ISIS drivers. To install additional scanners, click the Scanner Setup button in the File toolbar.


One-touch scanning

It is now possible to by-pass the scanner’s own interface and use pre-defined settings. Choose Edit > Preferences > General > Scanner setup. Deselect the Display scanner dialog box checkmark. A scanner properties section appears, where you can define color mode, resolution and other settings. Click OK to have them used each time you perform a scan.


Scan to all PDF flavors

Scanning to image-only PDF is supplemented with new choices: searchable PDF and searchable and editable PDF (also known as PDF Normal). Set the flavor in the PDF type drop-down list in the Scanner Setup Preference panel. The command Scan and Markup is not available when image-only PDF is chosen.

Scanner selection

The Scanner Setup Preference panel is found under Edit > Preferences > Scanner Setup. It presents all scanners that have been set up in a drop-down list, so it takes just one click to move from one to another and also allows further scanners to be set up.

Multi-page scanning from flatbed

Multi-page scanning was previously available only from ADF, now it can be done also from a flatbed. Enable this with the Scan multiple pages checkbox in the Scanner Setup Preference panel. if this is set, a dialog box appears after each scan asking whether to continue or finish.


Scan and markup

This is available only when Searchable or Searchable and editable PDF are chosen. When this command is chosen, the Scan and Markup dialog box appears. Choose a markup type: highlight, cross-out, underline or mark for redaction. The chosen appearance can be automatically applied to all text strings conforming to a pre-defined search string, to a pattern or a mask. Choose the search type (multiple search strings cannot be used here). See: Searching and Redacting Text and Searching by Patterns and Masks.


Scan Inbox

This feature is provided in PDF Converter Enterprise 7. It is useful if you have a network MFP or scanner that sends PDF files to an inbox location. Go to Edit > Preferences > Inboxes to define the Inbox location and enable prompting whenever a new PDF file enters the Inbox. This preference panel appears only after a scanner is installed.

From a Scanner