Creating PDF Files from a Shortcut Menu


To create PDF files from a shortcut menu

  1. Right-click a source file in Windows Explorer or on your desktop:

    PDF Converter eng shortcut menu2 From a Shortcut Menu

    If you select more than one source file, the following shortcut menu will appear:

    PDF Converter eng shortcut menu5 From a Shortcut Menu

  2. Select a shortcut menu item and a profile.
    If you have a single source file, select Create PDF from file. If you have multiple source files, select to create, combine, overlay or package the files. Then select a profile.

  3. If necessary, modify the selected profile or create your own. To do this, select Edit from the shortcut menu.

  4. Check the target. The default is Query file name. This means the Save As dialog box appears after PDF creation. If you click on the target, the Destination Settings dialog box will be displayed where you can change it. The currently selected target or saving instruction is always displayed as a shortcut menu item.

From a Shortcut Menu