Creating PDF Files from and inside Document Management Systems

Inside PDF Professional Enterprise, PDF Create Assistant can import files one at a time from a Document Management System (DMS). To do this, open the Assistant and click PDF Converter add From and inside Document Management Systems Add. If one or more DMS systems are detected on your computer, a menu item Add from DMS is offered.

If you have only one DMS installed – this is typically the case – this item leads straight to the DMS interface. If more than one DMS is detected, the Open from DMS dialog box appears so you can select one. This dialog box always offers the last used DMS, but lets you switch to a different one.

Files imported from DMS are read-only copies, the originals are not touched.


Microsoft SharePoint

PDF Professional 7 (together with PDF Create) supports this DMS, providing the necessary interface, consisting of three dialog boxes.

Open from SharePoint

This opens a defined SharePoint location, allowing you to select a single file. The Sites button opens the SharePoint Sites dialog box, so you can move to a different site.

SharePoint Sites

This lets you maintain a list of different SharePoint sites. Click Add to call the Connection Settings dialog box.

Connection Settings

This lets you provide a server and site name, or a precise URL for a SharePoint site. It also allows one site to be set as default so that clicking Add from DMS will lead to that site.


Other DMS support

Supported systems are detailed in system requirements.

Hummingbird Enterprise and DOCSOpen, Interwoven WorkSite and LiveLink are accessed directly through their own interface, allowing you to access files.

PDF files that you create can also be saved to DMS, again, one at a time. See Saving to Document Management Systems.


In-place working

When working in SharePoint, Hummingbird Enterprise or Interwoven Worksite, Nuance PDF controls provide two services:

  • Select a single non-PDF file inside the DMS interface and have it converted to PDF in place. The source file remains intact. The PDF takes the same name as the source, and is placed by default at the same location.

  • Select a single non-PDF file from the local computer to be converted to PDF and imported into the DMS system at the current or defined location.

In both cases, these are direct conversions done in the background. Image files (bmp, jpg, png, tif etc.), xps, ps and eps files are processed directly with suitable default settings. Other documents (such as Word files) are printed to PDF Create. This implies that the native application associated to the file type must be present on your system. In those cases conversion is done using the current settings in the PDF printer driver.


To create PDF files from inside SharePoint

For this functionality to be available in SharePoint, it must be configured by an administrator. Guidance on this is given in the Enterprise documentation.

To create a PDF from a supported non-PDF file inside SharePoint, select it and choose Create PDF from its context menu. Select Send PDF to have the PDF attached to a new mail message from your default mailing application, without a local copy being placed in SharePoint.

To create a PDF from an external file, go to the desired SharePoint folder and open the New menu. Choose the New Nuance PDF item (it may have a different name because the administrator can decide this), then browse for the file.


To create PDF files inside Hummingbird Enterprise

To create a PDF from a file inside Hummingbird, use the Create PDF context menu item from the Windows Explorer DM Extension client application. The context menu appears whenever you click a file other than a PDF that is supported by PDF Create! See a list of the supported file types in the PDF Create Assistant topic. The item Send PDF is also available.

To create a PDF from an external file, choose Create new PDF from the Document menu. As you build the document profile you define the source document and the target location inside Hummingbird.


To create PDF files inside Interwoven WorkSite

Use the Nuance PDF menu from the Nuance PDF Add-in in the DeskSite client application. This allows you to access both functionalities.


In Hummingbird DOCSOpen and in LiveLink you cannot open your source files directly from inside your Document Management System. Use Add / Open from DMS in the Create Assistant to access a file, and then Save to DMS to save the resulting PDF file back into your DMS. For details see Saving to Document Management Systems.

More guidance on DMS usage is provided in the PDF Converter Enterprise Network Installation Guide.


From and inside Document Management Systems