Creating PDF from Internet Explorer

PDF Professional lets you create PDF files from web pages. The PDF Converter button create From Internet Explorer Create PDF button appears on the Internet Explorer toolbar if you enabled it in View > Toolbars. Click its down arrow to display a drop-down menu:

PDF Converter eng web browser From Internet Explorer


Select PDF Create! Options to make sure the current settings correspond to the attributes of the web page. If necessary, click Advanced Settings and make changes in the ScanSoft PDF Create! Properties dialog box.

Then, do one of the following:

  • Choose Create PDF from the web page, specify the name and location in the dialog box and click Save.

  • Choose Create PDF and add to existing PDF, browse in the dialog box to the PDF document you want to add the web page to, select it and click Save. Make a copy of the selected original PDF file if you want to keep it, since it gets overwritten by the new combined file without warning.

  • Choose Create PDF and send in e-mail, specify a name and location in the dialog box and click Save. As the conversion is finished, your default mailing system offers an Untitled Message dialog box with the converted web page in the attachment field. Fill in fields as you would for a usual e-mail message.


You can create a PDF file from another web site content by right-clicking on a link for shortcut menu, then choose the Nuance menu item  Create PDF file from the content of the link.


PDF Converter Professional 7 supports other browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari (for Windows). When a web page hosts a PDF or when a link to a PDF is selected, the PDF is displayed with the PDF Converter Professional interface and a subset of its editing tools are available. See PDF Handling in Internet Browsers.  To create a PDF file from a web page in these browsers, please use the Print menu item.


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