Creating PDF Files to become Mail Attachments

This feature becomes available when you start writing a new message in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes (version 8.5) or reply to an existing one. It lets you select one or more files from your computer and have them converted to PDF and attached to the open mail. PDF files are attached without conversion; you are warned if you select an invalid file and it is skipped.

  1. In the Message window, choose the PDF Converter attach as pdf To become Mail Attachments Attach file to mail as PDF tool on the Nuance PDF toolbar or select the corresponding menu item.

  2. Browse to a desired location, select one or more suitable input files and click Open. A single PDF file is created in the background for each selected file, and attached to the message.

  3. To attach PDF files from other folders, repeat the procedure.

There is no access to settings for this process. All pages in the selected document are converted, using current PDF Professional settings. No PDF file is created on your local system. If you want copies of these PDF files, use Save Attachments from Sent Mail.

See also Creating PDF Files from mail attachments.

To become Mail Attachments