Using Drag-and-Drop

Select one or more files, then drag-and-drop them into the PDF Professional program window. The source files may be created in different applications.

  • If you drag-and-drop a single PDF, it will be displayed.

  • If you drag-and-drop a single file of a different type, a PDF will be created and displayed.

  • If you drag-and-drop multiple files, each file will be saved to a separate PDF. Use the Window menu to display the created PDF files.


You can drag-and-drop one or more XPS or PDF files into the preview panel or toolbar of the PDF Converter Assistant to transform them into editable documents.


You can drag-and-drop one or more valid files into the file list area of the PDF Create Assistant. These files retain their file types and may include PDF files. The Assistant can then convert them to a single PDF file, create one PDF for each input file, overlay or package the files.

Using Drag-and-Drop