Annotation Effects

Here we summarize the appearance of annotations.

  • Tools with markup effects only: Highlight, Underline, Cross-out; Line, Rectangle, Pencil, Oval, Polygon, Polygon Line, Cloud.

  • Tools with annotation effects only: Note, Text Box.

  • Tools with markup and annotation effect: Callout, Insert text at cursor, Replace selected text, Add note to selected text.

  • Tools with special effect: Attach file, Attach sound.

Commenting tools are described below as arranged on the Comment Toolbar from the left to the right. Text windows (if any) have the same color scheme as the associated markup effects. Right-click and choose Properties to change future coloring.


  1. Make a Note (without highlight). A Note icon PDF Converter note icon Annotation Effects is placed and a Note text window pops up for you to type your note text. While you are writing, a linking shape is displayed that connects the window with the icon. If you close the window and hover over the icon, the note text is displayed in a box.

PDF Converter note box Annotation Effects

  1. Place a Callout (special text box) somewhere in a clear place, point with the arrow to a certain object in your PDF and make your comments. When done, both the callout and the text remain visible. The Text Box tool works practically the same way, but without the arrow.

PDF Converter callout Annotation Effects

  1. Use Text Markup tools in the drop-down menu. Click the down arrow next to the button on the toolbar to see its drop-down menu. The multi-purpose Text Markup tool at the top of the menu lets you show suggested changes. Click it, then:

    • Place a cursor and enter text.

PDF Converter insert box Annotation Effects

    • Make a text selection and press Delete.

    • Make a text selection and enter replacement text.

      The menu also offers three separate tools to add, delete or replace text.

PDF Converter replace author Annotation Effects

    • Choose Add Note to Selected Text: The selected text PDF Converter add note to selection Annotation Effects appears highlighted with a tiny Note icon indicating there is a comment to it. Everything else is the same as for making a note, except for the text window name: here, it reads Comment on Text.

PDF Converter note box Annotation Effects

    • Choose Highlight Selected Text: The selection gets highlighted, nothing else happens.

    • Choose Underline Selected Text: The selection gets underlined, nothing else happens.

  1. Use Highlight, Cross-out, Underline markups: These tools have the same effect as explained above, just the order is changed: click the button first, and then select the desired text block with the special cursor.

  1. Attach Files: Click the button, choose the type of file to be attached, and then click at a place in the PDF page.

    • Attach File: Browse for the desired file and click Open. An icon is placed indicating a file attachment. Hover it to view the attached file name. Double-click the icon to open the file in its application program.

PDF Converter attach file icon Annotation Effects

    • Attach Sound: Browse for the desired wav file and click Open. Replay it before attaching if you want to, and then click OK. A tip: Click the red Record button to create an “empty” wav file, and then click OK to attach it.

PDF Converter attach sound icon Annotation Effects

  1. Drawing tools: Use the Line, Rectangle, Pencil, Oval, Polygon, Polygon Line, Cloud tools to mark a place or area. They work practically the same way.

PDF Converter draw Annotation Effects


Right-click on any mark-up to change its properties or to reply to the suggested change. View the replies and work with comments in the Comments Panel.

Stamps can be considered as special annotation and markup tools with fully or partly fixed contents.

Remember that annotations are used to suggest changes only: use Touchup Tools to actually make limited changes directly in the PDF document. Convert the file to an editable format to make larger changes.


Annotations can be chosen to become part of a PDF prior to distribution with the command Flatten Document. This means the selected elements are transformed from annotations to document objects and are removed from the Comments Panel list.


Annotation Effects