You can define “Hot Areas”  in documents that lead to other locations. You can assign actions to links.

You can put links both on text and image. Links can also be created for file attachments allowing you to open a file attachment in the Document window.

To create a link

  1. Click the PDF Converter link Link Link tool from the Standard toolbar, or select Tools > Standard > Link.

  2. Define a hot area in your document by dragging the PDF Converter cursor link Link Link cursor.

  3. The Create Link dialog box appears. Specify

    • Link Type: Visible or Invisible Rectangle

    • Highlight Style: Invert, Outline or Inset

    • Line Thickness: Thin, Medium or Thick

    • Line Style: Solid, Dashed, Underline

    • Color: Click the PDF Converter button color Link button to choose a color or define a custom color.

    • Link Action: Choose an action: Go to a page view, Open a file, Open a web link, or Custom link and then click Next. Depending on the Link Action selected, specify necessary settings in the corresponding dialog boxes.


Custom link leads to the Link Properties dialog box that offers more actions, lets you select multiple actions and fix their order. 


To change link properties or actions

  • Right-click a link with the PDF Converter link Link Link tool or the PDF Converter selectobject Link Select Object tool. Choose:

    Edit: To cut, copy or delete the link.
    To move the link to the center of the page.
    Set as default properties:
    To use current properties as link defaults.
    To change properties or the associated actions.

  • If you select several links, more shortcut menu items are offered.

    Align: To line up all selected links to the left, right, top or bottom of the link with the shortcut menu.
    To arrange links equally on the page.
    To change the height and / or width of all selected links to that of the link with the shortcut menu.


Select the Protect check box to freeze the link and protect it from accidental changes.