Print with Comments

In PDF Professional, you can create a comment summary and print the PDF document together with it. Comments include notes, text boxes, callouts, highlights, cross-outs, underlines and drawing objects. The icons for file and sound attachments are printed, along with the attachment name, but not the attachment contents. A comment summary shows the PDF review history. The current status of a comment can be modified in the Comments panel or from its shortcut menu.

To create a comment summary

  1.  Do one of the following:

    • Select File > Print with Comments …

    • Select Comments > Create Comment Summary…

    • Open the Comments panel, click the Options button and choose Create Comment Summary… from the drop-down menu.

  1. In the Summarize Comments dialog box, set the following options:

    • Choose a comment summary Presentation Style:

PDF Converter layout connect twopages Print with Comments

Document with comments linked by lines on separate pages

PDF Converter layout connect singlepage Print with Comments

Document with comments linked by lines on same pages

PDF Converter layout commentonly Print with Comments

Comments only

PDF Converter layout number twopages Print with Comments

Document with comments numbered on separate pages

    • Page Size: Set the size for the comment summary pages.

    • Font Size: Set the font size for comment summary text – small, medium or large.

    • Comment Type: Specify which comments to print: All comments or Only currently displayed comments.

    • Sort Type: Specify the order for summarized comments. Author, Date, Page, or Type. Page means the order of comments on the page; it is the usual choice when comments are linked. When you specify comments numbered on separate pages, any order displays well. Type means call-outs, text boxes, drawing objects, stamps etc. are grouped.

    • Page Range: Specify the range of pages you want to print with comments.

    • Link Line: Set the color and opacity of the link lines between the document and comments.

    • Include pages without comments. Specify whether to print or exclude pages with no comments.

  1. Click OK. A temporary PDF file “Summary of Comments on [original file name]” is generated to show your document with comments in the defined presentation style. Save it if desired, under the offered name or a different one.

  2. Click Print to specify options in a usual Print dialog box.


Print with Comments