Spell Checking Annotations

Spell checking is performed on texts entered as annotations to PDF documents. Checking can be run on existing annotations in PDF files you receive. The following types of texts can be checked:

  • Notes and replies
  • Markup operations (Insert Text, Replace Selected Text, Add Note to Selected Text)

  • Text box type annotations (Text Boxes and Callouts)

  • Text entered into the PDF by the Typewriter tool or the Typewriter Box tool.

Spell checking is not available for the real PDF content, including text entered with the Touchup Text tool, headers and footer texts and Bates Number entries.


Words not in the current dictionary are flagged with a wavy underline as you type, if you enabled this in Edit > Preferences > Spell check.  Under preferences, you can set a color for the underlines (by default this is red) and select which of the supplied dictionaries should be used all spell checking.


You can also explicitly run spell checking on all comments in a document and edit dictionaries.


To start a spell check

Do one of the following:

  • from the main menu, choose Edit > Check Spelling > In Comments, or
  • press F7 on your keyboard.

In the Check Spelling dialog box, select which of the supplied dictionaries should be used, and to which new words can be added, and click Start. Text type annotations with replies are spell checked starting with the oldest entries and finishing with the most recent.


To correct suspicious words

The process stops if a word cannot be found in the selected dictionary. A text fragment with the suspicious word highlighted is displayed in the upper box, and suggestions are listed in the lower box; click on the desired suggestion and click Replace or Replace All or use Ignore or Ignore All to accept the word without change.  Click Add to add the current suspect word to the selected dictionary.

Clicking Done to interrupt the checking. Otherwise, the program informs you when spell checking is complete. Click Restart to repeat the process or Done to finish.


To edit a dictionary

From the main menu, choose Edit > Check Spelling > Edit Dictionary. Choose a dictionary in the Edit Custom Dictionary dialog box, then choose to view a list of added or excluded words. Added words supplement the word list in the supplied dictionary, excluded words are no longer considered valid. The two lists will be empty until to you add words. Type in a single word and click Add to add it to the list. Select one and click Delete to remove a word. To modify a word, select it, change it in the Entry edit box and click Change. Click Done to finish.




Spell Checking Annotations