Working with Embedded 3D Objects

To work with embedded 3D content, you have to activate it. Select the Hand tool then click the 3D object (or right-click and choose Activate 3D). This displays the 3D tools.


PDF Converter 3d tools numbered Working with Embedded 3D Objects


This is the default layout of the 3D tools. You can have more by right-clicking an embedded 3D object and selecting the Expand 3D Tools command. Click Extended 3D Toolbar to read about these additional tools.


Toolbar buttons (from left to right):


1. Rotate the object around an axis.

2. Spin it around a point.

3. Pan the object within the 3D element area.

4. Walk: change viewing perspective and distance.

5. Zoom: zoom view in or out.



6. Use this tool to measure edges and distances between vertices. For details see: Measuring 3D Objects.


Model tree

7. This tool lets you display your 3D model hierarchy. For details see: Model Tree.



8. This button switches back to default view.

9. Click this button to store a view of the 3D object. You can later choose from your stored views using the object shortcut menu or the Extended 3D Toolbar.



10. If the embedded 3D object is animated, use this control button to Play/Pause it.



11. Use this tool to select a background color from the palette.


Learn more about The 3D object shortcut menu.

Working with Embedded 3D Objects