Document Assembly Toolbar


PDF Converter tb document assembly Document Assembly Toolbar


1. Insert page(s)

2. Replace page(s)

3. Extract page(s)

4. Delete page(s)

5. Splitting file

6. Header and footer operations

7. Renumber pages

8. Page assembly


The Page Assembly button is new. It avoids the need to open multiple instances of the program to insert pages from a set of documents. Each document is displayed in a separate tab, using page thumbnails. This lets you view the documents and select the desired pages – a simple drag-and-drop is enough to add them to the target document. Page Assembly supports a wide range of formats, conversion to PDF takes place when required.


This toolbar is displayed while you are working in Document Assembly view. On switching to another view, the toolbar disappears. If your toolbar space is full, buttons on the right may not display. Drag the toolbar into the working area to see them.


See detailed descriptions of these and further document assembly operations in the Document Assembly topic.

Document Assembly Toolbar