Use the Favorites feature to have direct access to frequently used PDF files stored on your local computer or a network server you can access. Add PDF files to Favorites and manage them.

In the File menu, the Recent Files and History menu items can suggest which PDF files might become Favorites.

To add a file to Favorites

  1. Click the PDF Converter button favorites Favorites Favorites button on the File Toolbar and choose Add to Favorites from the drop-down menu or select Favorites > Add to Favorites.

  2. In the Location/URL field of the Add to Favorites dialog box, the currently active open PDF file name is displayed. To add a different file, click Browse and navigate to it or type in a URL if the file is from an Internet site. Files must be added to Favorites one by one.

  3. In the Collection list, select a category for the file, or create a new category by clicking New. To prepare empty Collections, clear the Location/URL field before clicking New.

  4. Enter a Description of the PDF file if desired.

  5. Click OK to add the file.

As you add Favorites, the drop-down menu lists all specified Collections and files. Click any of them to open it.

Managing Favorites

  • Click the PDF Converter button favorites Favorites Favorites icon on the File Toolbar and choose Manage Favorites from the drop-down menu or choose Favorites > Manage Favorites.

  • In the Manage Favorites dialog box, click a Collection name on the left to view its files on the right. Add a new Collection by clicking Create, remove the selected one by clicking Delete. Right-click a Collection to rename it or to add a new PDF file to it. Another way to add a PDF file to the selected Collection is to click New .

  • Select a PDF file and choose Edit or Remove under the list, or right-click the file for a shortcut menu with further options such as moving to a different Collection, e-mailing, or showing the file in its source folder.

  • View the attributes of the selected PDF file in the bottom right-side information area.