Handling Packages

A package is a single PDF file that contains a group of other PDF files, making it more convenient to distribute. Packages can be assembled using the PDF Create Assistant, or from a mailing application by calling on the services of PDF Create.


Existing PDF files can be imported directly into the package; non-PDF files are converted to PDF during the package compilation.


Opening, handling and unpacking a PDF package

Packages can be opened, edited and unpacked in most recent PDF viewing or editing programs.

When you open a PDF package in PDF Professional, it is displayed in the PDF Portfolio Window and you can further process it as a portfolio. See details in PDF Portfolios.

On opening, the cover sheet is displayed in the main window, with thumbnails of each packaged file on the left. Click a PDF thumbnail to see the file content. Non-PDF files are displayed as attachments, but a button allows you to open it in the program associated to the file type. To unpack a file right-click on its thumbnail and choose Save File from Portfolio. With non-PDF files, you may have to define the appropriate viewing program when you next open it.

Portfolio tools let you print or search single files or the whole portfolio or e-mail the current file. When you open a package, the Edit Portfolio panel is not shown. Click the Options button and choose Edit Portfolio to display it. Use the buttons bottom left to add files or folders to the portfolio.



When a PDF is opened inside a package you can add attachments to it – they keep their original file types and are thus included in the package.  

With PDF Converter Professional 4 and older PDF viewers/editors, the packaged files themselves are indicated as attachments.

Handling Packages