Imposition Layout Settings

To specify a layout for the current PDF document

  1. Select File > Imposition or click the PDF Converter imposition Imposition Layout Settings button on the Advanced toolbar.

  2. In the Layout tab, select one of the following:

    • 2-Up Booklet: Two pages side-by-side on a sheet.

    • 4-Up Booklet: Two pages side-by-side and below them two more side-by-side pages per sheet.

    • 8-Up Booklet: Four pages side-by-side and below them two more side-by-side pages per sheet.

Note: These Booklet layout styles always print on both sides of the sheet.

    • Cut Stacks: This lets users specify a custom number of pages per sheet and their arrangement by choosing columns and rows. Stack the printed sheets one on the top another and cut them to different stacks. Then, pile these stacks from left to right and bind each pile as a booklet.

    • Sequential: Original PDF pages are arranged by page numbers.

    • Step and Repeat: Each page of a PDF file is printed on a separate sheet. Specify the number of copies by setting the Columns and Rows values.

To specify Imposition Gutters

  1. Select a unit (pt, in, or mm) for all gutters.

  2. Set the values for your gutters:

    • Vertical: The space between neighboring pages.

    • Horizontal: The space between rows of pages. This option is disabled when 2-Up Booklet is selected.

    • Spread: The space between the second and third pages when 8-Up Booklet is selected.

    • Creep: Adjust the inner page spreads to maintain a constant outer margin when a saddle stitched booklet is trimmed to counteract creep. The creep value depends on the size of the margins, the number of pages, and the thickness of the media.

To specify a booklet binding


Select a binding type

  • Saddle-Stitching: Staple the printed media in the spine during folding.

  • Perfect Binding: Split the media into stacks, bind each with Saddle-Stitching, and then glue the stacks together to produce a booklet. Specify the number of stacks in the Sheets per fold field.

To specify the printing order

  1. Select a printing order:

    • Sheet Wise: Print one side with one plate, then turn the media over and print the other side with another plate using the same gripper and opposite side guide. Applies to 4-Up and 8-Up Booklets.

    • Work-and-turn: Print one side, then turn it over from left to right to print the other side using the same edge of the media as gripper or lead edge and using the same plate set for both sides. Applies to 8-Up Booklets only.

    • Work-and-tumble: Print one side of a sheet, and then turn it over from gripper to back with the same side guide and plate to print the other side. Applies to 4-Up and 8-Up Booklets.

  1. When you choose a non-booklet layout, you can select/deselect Double Side to specify whether to print the back of the medium.

See Imposition – Sample Layouts for more details.




Imposition Layout Settings