Area Tool

View tab

Measurement shows:

  • Distance: As you are drawing the current edge of a polygon, this dynamically shows its length so far.

  • Angle: This shows the angle of the first line section related to the X axis; for following line sections it shows the angle relative to the previous section. No signs or directions of rotating are considered.

  • Area: The area of the polygon is displayed when the drawing is completed.

In the Cursor Location area, the X and Y coordinates of the current cursor position are dynamically displayed relating to the start points of the current line section.  No signs are considered.

Setting tab

  • Perpendicular Measurement sets your lines to be drawn orthogonally (at right angles relative to the X or Y axis).This does not affect lines already drawn, nor concern the last automatically drawn edge of the polygon. You can change this option midway during a measurement.

  • Units Settings allow you to set the scaling for your measurement. See under Distance tool dialog box.  A scale that is set applies to all measuring tools until it is changed.

  • In the Snap Settings area you can specify that your measuring should snap to points, edges or arcs in your document. Adjust snap sensitivity and color.

Markup tab

  • Use Markup: Choose this to store the current and future measurements with your PDF document, otherwise all results are lost as soon as you start a new measurement. Enter a text into the text field to appear in a pop-up comment window when you hover the cursor over any line in the shape.

  • Measuring Color: Sets the color for your measuring lines.


Area Tool