Editing Page Contents

You can

Select Text

Click the PDF Converter selecttext Editing Page Contents  Select Text tool to select a block of text. You may then copy the selected text. Right-click for a shortcut menu. Then you can highlight or underline it, show it crossed out, mark places for text insertions or replacements, insert a hyperlink or note, turn it into a bookmark, or search for the first word in the selection.

Select Image

Click the PDF Converter selectarea Editing Page Contents Select Area tool to select a page area to be copied as image or to create a hyperlink for the area.


Copy and Paste Text or Image


Select Copy from the Edit menu or from a shortcut menu to copy selected text or image.

Select Paste in an open document in another application (e.g. an Office application) to paste it.



The Cut, Copy and Paste commands may not be available if a PDF document is password protected against copying.

Copied text can also be pasted into comments.

The font will be substituted if text copied from a PDF document has fonts not available on the receiving computer.


Insert Clip Art


Use the Clip Art panel in Organizer to insert, rename or delete clip arts. You can insert both pre-defined and custom created clip art. Clip art is grouped in categories.

You can add image files to your document with the Touchup Object tool, and then copy it, save it, or add a transparency effect. Most popular image formats are supported, including jpg, bmp, gif, and more.

To add an image file

  1. Select Tools > Touchup > Touchup Object or click the PDF Converter touchupobject Editing Page Contents Touchup Object tool in the Standard Toolbar.

  2. Right-click the document and choose Place Image. Select an image from the browser and click OK.

  3. The image will be placed at the center of the page. Use the Touchup Object tool to move it.

Using Touchup Tools


PDF Professional includes the PDF Converter touchuptext Editing Page Contents Touchup Text tool and PDF Converter touchupobject Editing Page Contents Touchup Object tool which allow you to make limited last-minute revisions to the document text, images, and other objects. Use the Touchup Object tool to add picture files and transparency effects as well.

Select Tools > Touchup and choose Touchup Text  or Touchup Object, or click the button of the appropriate tool on the Standard Toolbar for the desired tool to have effect.


Edit Objects using the Touchup Object tool


Select an object with the PDF Converter touchupobject Editing Page Contents tool in the Main Toolbar, or select Tools > Touchup > Touchup Object, then

  • drag the PDF Converter cursor arrow Editing Page Contents cursor to move an object to a new location

  • drag the scale handles (red circles) to resize an object

  • drag the PDF Converter cursor rotate Editing Page Contents cursor to rotate an object. To get the rotate cursor shape, click on the red circle above the object. Drag it in the desired direction. While dragging, the cursor shape will change again. You can also use the shortcut menu to rotate an object.

Select more than one object, then use a shortcut menu to

  • Group or UnGroup objects, or

  • reorder objects with the commands Bring to Top or Send to Back.

Adding text using the Typewriter tool and the Typewriter Box tool

Use the PDF Converter button typewriter Editing Page Contents Typewriter tool or the PDF Converter button typewriter box Editing Page Contents Typewriter Box tool in the Advanced toolbar to add text at any suitable place on a PDF page. The Typewriter tool enters text directly at the cursor position. The Typewriter Box tool puts the text into a movable box. When the PDF is saved, the entered texts become selectable objects, unlike texts entered as annotations, e.g. with the Text Box tool. Until the PDF is saved, spell checking can be run on the entered text.


For a comparison of Typewriter texts and Text Box text, see Text Box.

Editing Page Contents